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The Brasil de Kneels Training Center aims to support and enable people, in the areas that involve their individual and collective calling, and after being trained, aligned with GOD's purpose for their lives, to be activated and act where THE LORD determines.

Path to be taken

  • Foundations in Jesus Christ the LORD

  • Collaborator of the Apostolic Vision

  • Humility and Battlegrounds

  • Access to all training (online)

  • Identification Called / Activation / Actuation

  • Participation in prayer shifts

  • Foundation of the 5 Ministries

  • Instruction and Training

  • Vocation / What is your place in the Body

Brazil on Knees


· Training and Prophetic Apostolic Activation
  Relationship with Nations

· Family Training
  Vocation / Destinations / Generations

· Worship and Intercession Shifts
  Prophetic Tower / Houses and Prayer Rooms / Healing Room

· Influence and Reform Team
  Government and Law

· Clinic, O Renovo das Águias

  Biblical Foundations for Deliverance and Inner Healing Seminar

Compassion and Evangelism

  Practical / Relationship Ministries




· Apostolic
  Prophetic Apostolic Activation

· prophetic
  Intercession / Healing / Turns / Mapping

· Evangelistic
  Practical / Harvesting / Compassion

· Pastoral
  Shepherding / Family Discipleship / Counseling

· Master

  Brazil on Knees School



We created a platform to focus our training


We present the trainings that we focus on our platform, which serves as ourresume– way to go:

  • Jesus and His Kingdom

  • Jesus Christ, His Life and His Work

  • Relationship with Jesus

  • Gospel of the Kingdom

  • The Revelation of Jesus

  • fundamentals of prayer

  • Prophetic Intercession

  • Intercessory Prayer

  • Prophetic Foundation

  • Conquering the Kingdoms of this World

  • Effective Release

  • Teaching about Finance

Call Identification / Activation / Action

  • What is your place in the Body / Vocation 

  • Family

  • Influence

  • Compassion

  • 5 Ministries


Every first Saturday of the month we will have an online meeting to share guidelines and strategies for the Body


In addition to online meetings, we will have practical opportunities with mobilizations of worship, prayer and intercession:​​

  • Tower of Prophetic Intercession

  • move on

  • watch Brazil

  • tent of david

  • Biblical Feasts

Training plan

Our objective is to prepare and consolidate the brothers within a year, the first cycle, so that they can be facilitators of the Church; receive, serve and multiply what you have received from the LORD.


Form a group of committed and targeted brothers, so that we can intensify our actions together, serving and cooperating with the purpose of the Body of Christ in cities and nations.


Our desire with the Training Center is to move forward with the purpose of seeing Brazil at the feet of Christ.

Brazil on Knees

Fundamentals – Call

Activation - Actuation

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