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Brazil on Knees is an apostolic mission – apostolic for announcing and extending the Kingdom of God –, received by the LORD in 1997, moving to serve the Brazilian Nation as a watchman(*), remaining in the Watchtower, in favor of the Brazilian Church, to work with her until the Lord's purpose for the redemption of Brazil is achieved.   

* Atalaia is an elevated place from which it is possible to watch or observe; den or tower built to watch or observe. The name is also given to the person who performs the work of watchman; who works as a watchman or who has this function as a job; the sentry.


With the maturation of the mission, specifically in 2006, we began the work of mobilization, establishing a network of ministries for prayer, adoration and intercession, which remains until today, with the aim of expanding this network.

Read more on the page where we presentour mission.


Hudson and Risselma Medeiros

they serve the Body of Christ together from Brasília - DF; parents and grandparents; Hudson holds a BA in Theology and a history researcher; Risselma has a degree in Pedagogy. They have an apostolic relationship with several local churches and in some cities in Brazil.


Elianne Suzuki

She started the ministerial call with her husband Milton Suzuki (who already rests in the LORD) in Maranhão. They acted by mobilizing intercession and training in Pará. He currently serves the body of Christ from Brasília - DF, together with his daughters, mainly in the master and pastoral service.


Charles and Ericka Chai

serve the body of Christ along with their two sons. They pastor the Evangelical Church, Renovo in São Luís - MA. They mobilize the prayer tower in São Luís and work on other fronts of prayer and evangelism.


Joao and Camilla Achur

serve the body of Christ from São Paulo - SP. They mobilize the prayer tower in São Paulo and also support local pastors and ministries.


Wellington and Dyanna Nascimento

serve the body of Christ from João Pessoa - PB. Parents of 5, believe that parenting is a central theme for discipleship of the next generation.
They are prayer and worship mobilizers, and work to restore women in vulnerable situations, especially those in prostitution.

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